The Hair

The Hair

There are a number of different hair varieties on the market. We only source our hair from companies that can provide a Premium Quality 100% Human hair, with a 5A grade. This allows us to provide a product that is full, will last and endure the rigours of competition and ensures that the hairpiece is able to be:

  • Regularly teased
  • Washed
  • Curled, if required; and
  • Straightened. Use a heat protectant when straightening your hairpiece.
All of our Ponies are made by use here in Australia, so should there be an issue in the future we can certainly and are happy to assist in resolving that issue. We have found that little things do happen and we back our product. But we need to know so we can help you.

Be weary of synthetic blends as they have a tendency to tangle easy, difficult to curl and do not tease as well as 100% Human Hair. At no time will Ponies on Point use these blends.

The Length

We measure the length of the Hairpiece when the hair is straight. Once teased the Hairpiece will reduce by around 1-2 inches. The below Length Chart will help you decide on a length that suits you. You can verify the length by straightening a piece of your hairpiece and measure.

When making your choice contemplate the age of the wearer. If a child, remember they still have some growing to do so don’t go too short. We recommend the 14″ hairpiece as a minimum which allows for the tease and some growing room over time, the wearer not the hairpiece.

Our most popular length is sixteen (16) inches. This length allows curling whilst maintaining length.

The Colour

Our hairpieces come in a variety of colours to match your natural hair. View our samples on the COLOUR CHART page where you’ll find all the colours we have on offer. Simply click on the sample that matches and an enlarged version will show allowing a better view and provide details of the sample.

Write down the COLOUR CODE as you will need this when making your purchase at our SHOP page.

We understand that choosing the correct colour online can be difficult! If undecided simply email [email protected] and we will get back to you with the colour sample we believe is a match. To ensure the best match please submit your photos in the following way:

  • At least one photo must be taken from the front top of your head. More photos at different angles will assist the colour matching process
  • Take the photo in natural light, not direct sunlight
  • Do not send close up photos as this will give a false indication of the colour
  • Our colour matching is very accurate but can be affected by the computer vibrancy, camera used or the lighting on the photograph. We will consult with you to ensure the chosen colour is to your acceptance
Alternatively call us on 0413 626 656 for a consultation if we are in your area.