Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst the below Frequently Asked Questions are there to guide you, we are only an email, message or phone call away and are only too happy to discuss your requirements and/or questions you may have.


Can I be a POP ambassador?

By all means.  We are always happy for people to share and post through Social Media.  Just remember to tag us so we can join in as well.

From time to time we will also be looking for models and ambassadors to promote our products.  When required we will advertise via our “EVENTS” page and through our Social Media streams.

If you have photos wearing Ponies On Point products, email through to [email protected] and we will add to our “GALLERY”.

Can I colour, tone, dye, curl and straighten my Hairpiece?

Yes you can!  Our Hairpieces are made with 100% Human Hair and as such you can treat it as you treat your natural hair.   However, all of these processes can affect and reduce the quality of your Hairpiece.

PLEASE READ the following carefully as we DO NOT take any responsibility for unsatisfactory results achieved from dying or toning.  This is because we cannot guarantee the products you are using will work with our Hairpieces or the process in which the product was used.

  • We suggest that any dying be conducted by a qualified hairdresser who has experience with dying Hairpieces.
  • If you must colour we recommend dying your Hairpiece a darker shade using a semi permanent colour as this is gentler on the hair than permanent dyes.
  • We strongly suggest NOT to lighten the shade of your Hairpiece as this requires a bleaching process that is very harsh.  Some of our Hairpieces have already undergone a long dying process to lighten their shade and doing this on top again will strip the natural oil coating and damage the hair quality.  This is a golden rule across many companies that provide the hair extensions used in Hairpieces.
  • Before any dying or toning always do a test on a small hair area of the Hairpiece to ensure you are creating the correct shade and are happy with the quality after.
  • When applying heat through curling or straightening, ensure you use a heat protectant.  Like your natural hair, the hairpiece can also burn.
Can I pickup my purchase?

By all means.  Simply let us know at the time of purchase.  If it is for a Hairpiece pickup, we will call you when your Hairpiece is ready to arrange a time.

How does the Hairpiece stay on and will it fall off?

We have designed a superior attaching method called the “Diamond Factor” that secures the hairpiece.  A detailed Instruction Pamphlet is provided with each order.  We are also only a phone call away if you run into trouble.

How long does delivery take?

We aim for our Australian Hairpiece orders to be in your hands within two to three (2-3) weeks.  Allow four to six (4-6) weeks for international orders.

Once your order is shipped we will provide you with a tracking number via email.  When using Australia Post follow this link,   http://auspost.com.au/track/track.html to track you order through the process of leaving us to when it has been delivered.  If you do not receive your tracking number please let us know and quote your order number.  Prior to calling check your “JUNK” or “SPAM” folder.

How long will my Hairpiece last?

Because we use high grade 100% Human Hair you will be assured our hair will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure you get the most out of your new Hairpiece.

Obviously how long it lasts is dependant on how often you wear it.  Things that will affect the lifespan and quality of your Hairpiece are:

  • Over washing
  • Swimming in chlorine
  • Colouring, bleaching, toning
  • Using Shampoo and Conditioners with Sulphate in them

The Hairpieces lack the nourishment provided from oils off the scalp that your natural hair receives.  This means they are more likely to be sensitive to damage and do not naturally repair like your hair does.  The more you wash your Hairpiece the more the remaining natural oils are stripped which will eventually dry them out.  We only recommend to wash your Hairpiece if it absolutely needs it.

With correct care you can make your Hairpiece last longer giving you extra wear which lives up to our high quality extensions reputation.

I need help in choosing the correct Hairpiece Length?

Choosing the correct length for your Hairpiece depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  It can be difficult depending on your height however follow these steps to guide you to choose your length:

  • Get a tape measure, ruler or piece of string and place it at the back of your head approximately in the middle.
  • Look in a mirror and see where you would like your Hairpiece to come to, mark this spot and then use our guide on “THE HAIR” page to choose the appropriate length.

We measure out Hairpieces prior to teasing and as such you may loose around an inch depending on how heavy the tease is.  We provide the Hairpiece with a medium tease at the time of purchase.

If purchasing for a child, remember they may have some growing to do.

I need help with choosing the colour?

We understand that choosing the correct colour can be difficult.  If undecided simply email [email protected] and we will get back to you with the colour matching sample.   To ensure the best match please submit your photos in the following way:

  • At least one photo must be taken from the back showing your hair from the top of your head to the ends.  More photos at different angles will assist the colour matching process
  • Take the photo in natural light, not direct sunlight
  • Do not send close up photos as this will give a false indication of the colour

Alternatively call us on 0413 626 656 for a consultation if we are in your area.

What if I have thick hair?

It is no problem if you have thick hair but we do need to know this as we will need to add extra hair extension packs to ensure that you get the correct full coverage of your Hairpiece and this will also have an increase in the cost of the Hairpiece.

As a guide if you can get a standard hair tie around the ponytail at least three (3) times, then your hair is not considered “THICK”.

Why would my Hairpiece need a RECHARGE?

Whether you, a hairdresser or we do it, every Hairpiece at some stage will need a RECHARGE.  It is no different to your natural hair.  After competitions and depending on the tumbling and stunting you do, the Hairpiece can become sweaty and may need a wash and retease.  Should it not be sweaty it may just need a retease to get it back to that superior level you require.

Reteasing will not be a regular occurrence but at some stage will be required.