About Us

About Us

Ponies on Point is an Australian company based on the Gold Coast that provides the world of CHEER AND DANCE with PREMIUM quality 100% human hair, in a professionally cut and teased hairpiece.

No more teasing and damaging your natural hair for each competition and no more frustrations for the CHEER AND DANCE Mums’ and Dad’s. Each hairpiece is cut and teased to ensure you receive the highest quality item that looks outstanding at your next competition.

Our hairpieces come in a variety of colours to match your natural hair and we take the time to ensure we colour match to your acceptance prior to making your unique hairpiece. That’s right, the hairpiece is specifically tailored and hand made for you by us.

There are times where we will organise with Gyms and Studios to attend an open forum session, where we are present for you to ask questions, feel the hairpiece and place your orders. When this occurs, we will notify directly and through our FACEBOOK page.

To assist with your purchases, we also offer the AFTERPAY payment system as well as taking Credit Cards through our secure Payment Gateway. Visit our T&C's page for more details.

We aim for a 2-3 week delivery for Australian orders and 4-6 weeks for international orders. This sometimes varies depending on order volumes but will be confirmed at the time of your order placement and is very much dependent on your location.

Why choose Ponies on Point!

  • Our focus is you. We are 100% committed to giving you the best customer service. This means we are there to answer your questions and ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase
  • We want to build a relationship with you beyond the purchase process. Come and say hello and have a chat when you see us
  • We use only 100% human hair wefts for our hairpieces. No cheap synthetics or synthetic blends
  • We have a passion to ensure that the accessories available for CHEER AND DANCE are of the highest quality
  • We have developed a superior method of attaching the hairpiece and have conducted testing that allows the hairpiece to withstand the rigours of competition, including stunting and tumbling, if attached as per our Instruction Manual
  • We provide a personalised service during the colour matching process to ensure Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed, which extends to after you have made your purchase
  • We are always striving to improve our products and welcome your feedback

Our Journey....

We have been invested in Cheerleading and Dance for many years now and are very much entrenched in the sport. We understand the requirements of athletes and parents as we have experienced them first hand. Quality and customer service is a priority in not only our business but day to day life.

The business was founded out of the desire to provide a high quality, durable and functional hairpiece that was a game changer. We love to see the smiles on athletes faces and hear the sighs of the parents as the ponie makes competition day much easier for everyone

We have grown to be one of the leading providers of hairpieces in Australia, but this doesn't mean we can't stop to have a chat. That personal touch is what makes it all worthwhile.

Always On Point

Mark & Tammy